How do I remove the throttle cable from a raptor 660?

How do I remove the throttle cable from a raptor 660?

Why is my throttle cable stuck? Debris can get caught between the throttle tube and the handlebar, and cause it to stick. Another culprit happens at the other end of the throttle cable. Down at the carburetor, the cable gets stuck, so even when you rotate the grip to ease up on the throttle, it still stays open.

Are throttle cables universal? In today’s modern vehicles, throttle cables are obsolete with the widespread use of drive-by-wire throttle pedal assemblies. Our universal throttle cable offerings fit most any application or engine type and mounting location.

How do you adjust the throttle cable on a four wheeler? just turn the cable outward to tighten it. this adjustment can be made right up where the cable goes to the bars. Just loosen the locknut/screw on the throttle cable (handlebars). Then tighten the throttle cable—-loosen the adjustment screw, till it starts to idle up, then back off a bit, tighten the locknut.

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Can you put a twist throttle on a quad?

You can put a twist throttle on your quad (ATV) as long as the electronic fuel injection system is not available. Most older ATVs will fit into this category, and you will be able to fix this piece to your vehicle rather simply.

What is Harley throttle by wire?

Throttle by wire is a simple, potentiometer style (think volume switch) design that when the throttle tube is moved, the values are calculated, and an electrical impulse is sent to the throttlebody, and a small electric motor moves the throttle plate, rather than manual linkage via cables.

How tight should throttle cable be?

The accelerator cable tension is usually set so that 2-3mm of free play is present in the throttle grip. Once the correct tension has been applied, the lock nuts should be snugged and any dust covers should be slid back over the adjusters. Cables can be adjusted using the appropriate size wrench.

Why does a Raptor 660 have 2 carbs?

The left carb is the primary carb and supplys the mixture up to about 1/2 throttle, where the right (secondary) carb starts to open and supply its mixture WITH the primary carb. This allows 2 smaller venturi carbs to combine to = 1 large carb when wide open.

How fast is a raptor 660?

Top speed of both is limited electronically at 75 mph (but modifiable).

What happens if throttle cable breaks?

When the gas pedal is pressed, the cable is pulled and opens the throttle. If the cable breaks, or comes out of adjustment far enough, it can affect the drivability of the vehicle to the point where the car will not be drivable until the problem is addressed.

How do you tighten a throttle cable?

Adjust the accelerator cable by turning the deflection-adjustment nut until the deflection in the middle of the cable is between one and three millimeters; the deflection of the cable is the distance that it bends in response to the tightness of the deflection-adjustment nut.

What is the most common cause of a stuck accelerator?

A mat or carpet blocking the travel of the pedal is the most common reason.

Is throttle cable and accelerator cable the same?

Your car’s accelerator cable, also known as a throttle cable, is a braided metal wire that connects the gas pedal to the engine throttle plate.

Where is the throttle cable located?

Step 1: Locate the throttle cable.

One end of the throttle cable is located in the engine compartment, attached to the throttle body. The other end is on the driver’s side floor, attached to the accelerator pedal.

How do you adjust the throttle on a carburetor?

Locate the high speed mixture screw and turn it clockwise until the needle just touches the seat. Then turn the screw counterclockwise 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns. Restart the engine and set the throttle position to HIGH or FAST. Turn the high speed or main jet screw clockwise until the engine begins to slow.

How do you get used to twist throttle?

The secret to a twist throttle is not to grip it striaght on and bend your wrist or move your whole elbow/forarm up and down. Instead, grab it like a door-knob, with your elbows up and out.

What’s better twist or thumb throttle?

When you use a half-twist or a full-twist throttle, after going in a straight line for a while, your wrist is putting pressure on the throttle, and it can get sore holding it steady in that position. For people with wrist issues such as weakness or arthritis, you’re probably gonna prefer a thumb throttle.

Can you change a thumb throttle to twist throttle?

Re: Can one change a thumb throttle to twist throttle? unless there’s something custom about it, it’s as simple as swapping them out, fi the connectors are wired the same and use the same plug body. Often they don’t, and you may hve to experimetn to find the right wiring.

What year did Harley Go to fly-by-wire?

Harley-Davidson’s touring range – the Road King, Street Glide and Electra Glide models – have also been given the once-over for 2008. As well as gaining optional ABS the bikes have been give a raft of improvements including Harley’s first fly-by-wire throttle system.

How does throttle by wire work?

With throttle by wire a sensor is attached to the gas pedal and detects how far it has been pressed. This information is then sent down an a wire to the car’s computer. The computer analyzes the information and commands a motor to open the butterfly in the throttle body.

How does ride by wire throttle work?

While the system still relies on throttle inputs, it uses sensors, an ECU and actuators to control the air/fuel supply. Simply put, when you twist the throttle, a sensor reads the movement in the hand throttle and relays this information to the ECU.

What does adjusting the throttle cable do?

Adjusting Throttle Free Play:

The adjusters effectively lengthen or shorten the cable outer, which in turn changes the length of the inner cable that’s doing the pulling.

How can I make my throttle more responsive?

More air volume and speed is a surefire way to increase horsepower and throttle response at any given RPM. It is easy to achieve this at high RPM when the engine sucks in substantial amounts of air on its own.

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