How do you install a throttle cable on a Harley?

How do you install a throttle cable on a Harley?

How do you hook up a motorcycle throttle cable? Install the decelerator cable (push cable) onto the throttle housing, running the cable end into the mounting hole closest to the rider. Screw the metal cable guide into the throttle housing completely and lightly tighten the guide lock nut. Omit this step if your motorcycle requires only one cable.

Why do Harleys have two throttle cables? A push/pull throttle cable is an upgrade to the old standard single throttle cable linkage. The throttle grip works on the carburettors when twisting/throttling up and when releasing/throttling down. The second cable pulls the carb closed so it isn’t stuck wide open.

What does the idle cable do on a Harley? Premium Member. The spring on the end of the Throttle return (idle) cable is a safety feature designed to prevent you from jamming the throttle actuator back into the closed position. It also allows for the change in cable sleeve geometry when you turn the handlebars.

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Why is my throttle sticking on my Harley?

A sticky throttle could be caused by worn cables, lack of lubrication in the cables or the cable getting bound up somewhere in the mechanism. Or it can be caused by an issue with the carburetor or EFI. If the screws in the throttle housing are too tight it could cause the cable to stick.

Is throttle cable and accelerator cable the same?

Your car’s accelerator cable, also known as a throttle cable, is a braided metal wire that connects the gas pedal to the engine throttle plate.

Are throttle cables universal?

In today’s modern vehicles, throttle cables are obsolete with the widespread use of drive-by-wire throttle pedal assemblies. Our universal throttle cable offerings fit most any application or engine type and mounting location.

How tight should throttle cable be?

The accelerator cable tension is usually set so that 2-3mm of free play is present in the throttle grip. Once the correct tension has been applied, the lock nuts should be snugged and any dust covers should be slid back over the adjusters. Cables can be adjusted using the appropriate size wrench.

What is Harley throttle by wire?

Throttle by wire is a simple, potentiometer style (think volume switch) design that when the throttle tube is moved, the values are calculated, and an electrical impulse is sent to the throttlebody, and a small electric motor moves the throttle plate, rather than manual linkage via cables.

Why do two throttle cables push and pull?

The two throttle cables do each have a different use. The pull cable pulls the throttle open, hence the name. The push cable, however, doesn’t actually push anything. It acts as a safeguard, pulling the throttle closed if the spring fails.

Do you need an idle cable on a Harley?

Yes, you need both cables. Even though you may be able to ride without the idle cable, the bike really isn’t safe until you get it replaced.

What does an idle cable do?

Pulls the carb shut completely – keeps tension on the two cables so it works positively rolling on, and rolling off. Pulls the carb shut completely – keeps tension on the two cables so it works positively rolling on, and rolling off. Yep. It’s used as a safety device to prevent the throttle sticking wide open.

What do you do if your throttle sticks?

If your throttle becomes stuck, twist the throttle back and forth several times to free it. If this does not work, immediately operate the engine cut-off switch and pull in the clutch at the same time.

How do you unstick a throttle?

Pour penetrating oil into the cable (Photo 1). Grab the inner cable with pliers and work it up and down to loosen it. When the cable moves freely and all the penetrating oil has drained out, squirt silicone lubricant into the funnel to keep the cable sliding freely. Reinstall the cable (Photo 2).

What happens if throttle cable breaks?

When the gas pedal is pressed, the cable is pulled and opens the throttle. If the cable breaks, or comes out of adjustment far enough, it can affect the drivability of the vehicle to the point where the car will not be drivable until the problem is addressed.

Is throttle by wire good?

Benefits of Throttle-By-Wire:

Traction and Stability Control: With throttle-by-wire, it is easier to shut down the power than to fight it with the brakes. Throttle-by-wire creates harmony between the throttle angle, ignition and fuel, which allows the engine to create more torque and power.

What does tightening the throttle cable do?

The tightness of the accelerator, or throttle, cable on any vehicle is important. If the cable is tightened too much, the car will not idle properly and consume fuel quickly. If the cable is too loose, the car will respond slowly when you press the gas pedal.

Why is my throttle cable stuck?

Debris can get caught between the throttle tube and the handlebar, and cause it to stick. Another culprit happens at the other end of the throttle cable. Down at the carburetor, the cable gets stuck, so even when you rotate the grip to ease up on the throttle, it still stays open.

What does adjusting the throttle cable do?

Adjusting Throttle Free Play:

The adjusters effectively lengthen or shorten the cable outer, which in turn changes the length of the inner cable that’s doing the pulling.

When should I replace my motorcycle throttle cable?

If your inspection reveals any damage, you’ll need to replace your throttle cables. You might also need to replace them to accommodate a different handlebar.

How long do motorcycle throttle cables last?

Cables such as brake, throttle and clutch cables on a motorbike are some of the most common parts to need replacing. Over time cables can wear, get dirty or snagged. It is recommended that you change cables like your clutch and throttle cables every three years or every 10,000 miles.

How long do throttle cables last?

How long you can expect your accelerator cable to last will depend in large measure on how often you drive. The more use the accelerator cable gets, the more prone it is to wear and tear. Usually, you can expect to get five years from your accelerator cable before it needs to be replaced.

What does fly-by-wire mean in motorcycles?

Fly-by-wire anything (car, motorcycle, plane) is a system where the throttle is not connected to a carb or throttle body by actuating cable. Usually some type of potentiometer at the throttle that is connected, by wire, to an electronic actuator on the other end.

Do I need both throttle cables?

But are they both necessary? The short answer is no. You only need one—and that’s the pull cable.

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