How much does it cost to cancel Youfit membership?

How much does it cost to cancel Youfit membership? To cancel your YouFit Health Club membership, follow the steps below: Visit the club you have a membership with. Ask a staff member for a cancellation form and complete this. Pay the $10 cancellation fee alongside any outstanding fees due.

Does Youfit charge a cancellation fee? Any fees due within the 10 day period must be paid in order for the cancellation to occur. ○ The maximum required processing fee to cancel your membership is just $10. See your membership agreement for exact agreement term details. We can provide you with a copy at the club or online at

How do I cancel my Youfit membership? If you are unable to cancel in person, you can cancel by mail. To do so, please send your written cancellation request by certified mail to 1350 E Newport Center Dr Suite 110 Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 with the cancellation fee that applies to your membership type.

How do I get a refund from Youfit? Nekoloff says members can either call the corporate Youfit number to reach a local gym or send an email to For people who were charged during the lockdown, Nekoloff says, discussions about refunds or credit will happen when the health clubs eventually reopen.

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Is Youfit going out of business?

YouFit spokesperson Evan Nierman told the South Florida Business Journal: “As it did for many industries, including other health clubs, the pandemic hit Youfit hard, and we have made the decision to restructure the company through a bankruptcy filing. YouFit is the latest club company to file for bankruptcy.

Can you downgrade Youfit membership?

Visit your Youfit gym location and request cancelation at the front desk. You will have to fill out a membership cancelation form and pay any outstanding fees. Youfit’s cancelation notice period is ten days, and it may also take up to an additional ten days for them to terminate your membership.

Can I bring a guest to Youfit?

Guest must follow all Youfit policies during their visit. upon entry to the club. visits the member should transfer to that location. A location transfer can happen only once every 90 days for monthly members and only once a year for PIF members.

Can I change my Youfit location?

If you would like to leave one Youfit location and transfer to another, simply speak to one of the front desk staff and they will facilitate your request. You will need to come into the club and sign a transfer form.

Is Planet Fitness really $10 a month?

Planet Fitness prides itself on offering low-cost memberships, with a standard membership at $10 a month and higher-tier membership, with its PF Black Card, at an average of $19.99 a month.

How much do Youfit trainers make?

The typical Youfit Personal Trainer salary is $21 per hour. Personal Trainer salaries at Youfit can range from $9 – $27 per hour.

Can you fit send you to collections?

Fitness clubs may send your account to collections if you miss payments, turning misunderstandings into recurring problems and frequent reports to credit bureaus. Even years down the road, old debts from canceled gym memberships could come back to haunt you.

What’s the difference between Youfit and Planet Fitness?

The difference between Youfit and Planet Fitness mostly comes down to amenities. These two convenience gyms cost about the same, but Youfit will offer more in terms of group fitness classes and childcare. Planet Fitness will most likely have the better hours with most locations offering 24/7 access.

Who owns YouFit now?

Michael Grondahl bought the Planet Fitness trademark from Rick Berks in 2002. In 2008, Rick Berks transformed his franchised Planet Fitness clubs to YouFit Health Clubs and grew the brand to over 100 gyms across the United States.

Who owns YouFit?

Rick Berks. Since the late 1970s, Rick Berks has simply felt comfortable in the gym environment. Berks, now the owner of Youfit Health Clubs, which continues to grow with almost 60 locations now, has become one comfortably successful individual in the fitness industry.

What is YouGX?

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. 30 minutes – A YouGX signature class, this workout combines sculpting and compound toning exercises that will have you burning calories from head to toe.

Does YouFit have free weights?

Our gyms have been built for you and they include tons of awesome amenities to help you get your best workout. Whether you prefer using exercise machines, free weights, or you get the most out of group workout classes, we have you covered. Check your local club page for *amenities. *Amenities vary by club.

Why is gym so expensive?

Usually when gyms are that price per month (£50 and above) they are one or more of the following: Exclusive, and limited in number of members. Have a large heated pool (which costs a lot of money to run) Have the most up to date equipment.

Is a gym membership worth it?

If you’re ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle and find room in your budget, signing up for a gym membership may bring great value. It can even save you money in the long run despite the short-term sting of an additional monthly bill.

Does Planet Fitness have a sauna?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have a sauna or steam room in most of their gyms because of their focus on maintaining low membership prices. The Planet Fitness Black Card tier membership level ($22.99 per month) provides access to tanning and a hydro-massage machine.

Why did Planet Fitness charge me $40?

According to Planet Fitness’ FAQ page on its website, in order to have access to the gym facilities, there is an annual charge of $39 that “goes towards club maintenance and upkeep.” This fee is due once a year and for a lot of people, that time of the year happened .

How do I avoid Planet Fitness annual fee?

There are only two ways to cancel a subscription with Planet Fitness, either through a certified letter or by visiting the club in person.

Is Planet Fitness a real gym?

Of course Planet Fitness is a gym. It has equipment, locker rooms, memberships—all of that. Planet Fitness and other low-cost clubs want to attract the more than 80 percent of the population that does not have a health club membership.

Can you negotiate a gym membership?

Luckily, gym contracts are absolutely negotiable. “Based on my research of gyms and my own experience negotiating with LA Fitness and Planet Fitness, it’s more than possible to bargain for a lower rate or sign-up bonus with a new gym,” says J.R. Duren, a personal finance journalist at

Can I workout at Planet Fitness without a membership?

Non-members of all ages, other than PF Black Card® guests, are not allowed to wait for members in the club. The day fee is the fee a non-member/non PF Black Card® guest pays for use of the gym for one day. Day fee guests must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license or photo ID.

Can a gym keeps charging me after I Cancelled?

Some gyms just require advance notice, while others will charge you a cancellation fee. If you’re still within the terms of your initial contract, some gyms will continue charging you until the contract’s expiration—unless you have a covered reason as mentioned above.

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