Is the Saturn Aura a good car?

Is the Saturn Aura a good car? Absolutely wonderful vehicle!
I absolutely love my Saturn Aura XR. I bought it brand new and have traveled many states and long distances in it. It is very comfortable on long trips with very good fuel mileage. The interior is lovely and I love the heated leather seats.

Is Saturn Aura a reliable car? This car is known to be reliable. The exterior and interior are nothing too fancy but it has the necessities (functioning windows, A/C, mid size sedan space, decent trunk space, etc). Saturn is no longer in business so some have had issues finding parts and repairs may be expensive.

Is 2007 Saturn Aura a good car? “Compared with the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion, the Aura is well equipped with safety and comfort features,” says New Car Test Drive. The 2007 Saturn Aura won the prestigious 2007 North American Car of the Year award, and is a Consumer Guide recommended vehicle.

Are Saturn cars reliable? They cannot be claimed as totally unreliable, but for the age of the car, it is not a good investment, ION or VUE with CVT transmission – Not advisable, as the transmission is not reliable even after expensive repairs.

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What’s wrong with Saturn cars?

Saturn. General Motors halted production of its Saturn brand in October 2009 after a failed deal with the Penske Automotive Group. Saturn, with a vehicle line that included mostly small to mid-size cars, had been around since 1985 but was never profitable.

Can you still get parts for Saturns?

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Saturn has a long lineup of models that they manufactured over the years, and while Saturn is no longer in business, you can still get genuine Saturn parts and accessories that meet the standards and specifications of GM.

How much is a 2007 Saturn Aura worth?

How much is a 2007 Saturn Aura worth? The value of a used 2007 Saturn Aura ranges from $786 to $3,718, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Are auras good cars?

Although not without a few rough edges, the 2008 Saturn Aura is a well-rounded midsize sedan with sufficient levels of style, comfort and performance to please most families of four. If you’re looking for a domestic-brand alternative to the import standbys, this is one of the best choices for 2008.

How many miles does a Saturn Vue last?

With regular oil changes, the engine should last around another 100,000.

Is a Saturn Aura a luxury car?

2007 Saturn Aura models

The XR is more of a luxury sport sedan, as it includes 18-inch alloy wheels, leather seating, a power driver seat, a six-disc CD changer, heated front seats, remote vehicle start, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and steering wheel-mounted audio controls.

What kind of engine does a Saturn Aura have?

The Aura XR features a 3.6-liter, V6 engine with 252 horsepower, 251 pound-feet of torque and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Are Saturn cars expensive to repair?

For the most part, Saturn vehicles were good, reliable cars. The Saturn L-Series was discontinued after the 2005 model year due to poor sales. Saturn Repair & Maintenance Costs The annual maintenance cost of a Saturn is $553. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

Are Saturn cars valuable?

Saturn values are on the rise, sure, but so are the values of pretty much every other used car. To be clear, Saturn values are going up the most, though, and by a pretty healthy margin. Values of the defunct automaker’s vehicles are up 26.29 percent, followed by Smart at 22.14 percent and Ford at 20.54 percent.

Are there any Saturn dealers left?

Saturn owners can still go to their dealers for service, and to a certified GM dealer once the Saturn dealerships close. “We still have a lot of service parts business, and we have customers out there to support and we’ll continue to do that like we always have,” said Thomas Basile, Saturn of Tulsa general manager.

How hard is it to get Saturn car parts?

It might also be difficult for the dealership to obtain parts for old Saturn models. If you are committed to purchasing a Saturn, be prepared to spend time and money to get your vehicle repaired when needed, especially if you opt for the Vue, Sky, or Outlook models.

Should you buy a used Saturn?

The Saturn may not be the sportiest or the flashiest car on the market, but for as long as they have been around Saturns have offered reliability, economy, and comfort—three things that are prized by most motorists. To make your Saturn an even better value still, you might consider purchasing it pre-owned.

Does Amazon sell car parts?

Both and Amazon sellers sell tools, parts, and accessories on the Automotive Store.

What is the Blue Book value of a 2007 Saturn?

Used 2007 Saturn Ion Pricing

The Ion 2 sedan has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $12,725, while the Quad Coupe is $13,725. The Ion 3 starts at $15,125, while its coupe counterpart is $16,425.

What transmission does a 2007 Saturn Aura have?

The Aura XR we tested comes with the same 252-hp, 3.6-liter DOHC V-6 and six-speed automatic transmission that is available in the 2007 G6 GTP.

Who made the Saturn Aura?

The Aura was launched in 2007 by Saturn, based on a Pontiac platform, offering a luxurious cabin, a beefy engine and a long list of optional add-ons. In 2008, a four-cylinder version was launched, stability control was made a standard feature on V6 models, and Satellite radio was offered with all models.

Did Saturn make a SUV?

The Saturn Vue is a compact SUV that was sold and built by Saturn, and it was Saturn’s best-selling model.

How much is a power steering pump for a 2008 Saturn Aura?

2008 Saturn Aura Power Steering Pump – from $47.99+ |

How much is a 2006 Saturn worth?

The value of a used 2006 Saturn VUE ranges from $698 to $3,100, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Can cars last 300 000 miles?

Standard cars in this day and age are expected to keep running up to 200,000 miles, while cars with electric engines are expected to last for up to 300,000 miles. Keeping a car that long has a lot of benefits, including the fact that it could save you a great deal of money.

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