What is a Soss hinge?

What is a Soss hinge? A soss hinge is a concealed hinge that is used on inset doors. It is known as a type of invisible hinge because it cannot be seen when the cabinet door is closed. A soss hinge is an invisible hinge that is used on inset cabinet doors. It is completely concealed when the door is closed.

How do Soss hinges work? The SOSS Invisible Closer is a “spring hinge” with a fully (and easily) adjustable spring. By turning an external screw, the tension on the spring can be adjusted, thus affecting the closing speed of the door. This hinge will not dampen or cushion the closing.

Where are Soss hinges made? In 1972, the hinge business relocated to Pioneer, Ohio, where it remains today and is called Universal Industrial Products (UIP). A manufacturing and sales operation was added in Singapore three years later.

How much weight can Soss hinges hold? Allow no more than 20″ of door height and 60 pounds per hinge or 55 pounds per closer. Notes: Fire rated hinges and closures should not be used on doors that can be held open.

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Can you adjust Soss hinges?

What makes SOSS Invisible Hinges different is the design of our hinges has been around for over a 100 years. We don’t create adjustable hinges because our hinges don’t require adjusting.

What type of concealed hinge do I need?

The type of concealed hinge you need depends on the application. There are many companies that make European-style hinges. Some well-known brands include Soss, Blum and Amerock. For entry or interior doors, the choice will be based on the size and thickness of the door and how many hinges you want to have.

Who made the door hinge?

And while it is hard to trace the exact time door hinges were invented, it is found as far back as 1600 B.C. on large wooden gates with stone walls in Hattusa, the capital of the Hittite Empire in what today is modern Turkey.

Are Soss hinges fire rated?

SOSS® Invisible Hinges open a full 180° and are a single action hinge. The Underwriters Laboratories labeled the model #218FR SOSS® Invisible Hinge can be used on hollow metal , sheet metal, tin clad, steel composite or wood core swinging type fire doors and frames with a 20 minute rating.

How are gate hinges calculated?

You’ll need to contemplate the weight and dimensions of your gate, your geographic location, and a few other special considerations. We call this the Hinge Equation. We use a simple equation: gate size + geography + budget.

How many hinges should a door have?

Hinge Size

As a rule, use one hinge per every 30 inches of door: Doors up to 60 inches need two hinges. Doors over 60 inches, but not over 90 inches, need three hinges. Doors over 90 inches, but not over 120 inches, need four hinges.

Are concealed hinges worth it?

Cost effective and highly functional, it is a real and effective alternative to traditional and unsightly butt hinges and pivot systems. It’s guaranteed for 100,000 cycles. The invisible hinge is hard to overlook even when you can not see it.

What is a full overlay hinge?

For inset doors, the most common hinges are butt hinge or surface mount, and inset European. Full Overlay: Also simply called overlay, a full overlay door covers the entire cabinet opening when closed, and the inside wood edge of the cabinet box is exposed when the door is open.

What is concealed hinge overlay?

When referring to an overlay door, it means the entire door lays on top of the cabinet frame. This is an overlay door. Start on the hinged side of the door and place a piece of tape along the back edge so that the edge of your tape is directly against the edge of your door.

How do I identify hinges?

You should check the diameter of the hole in the door that your current hinge sits in – these are usually 26mm, 35mm or 40mm for larger hinges. It’s important to measure the hole in the door and not the hinge itself as the hinge may be slightly smaller.

Can you put door hinges on backwards?

Most hinges are reversible, allowing either end to be mounted in an upright position. However, some hinges are made specifically for either a right- or left-hand door. These cannot be reversed, so you must select the proper hinge. In this case, the hinge must be mounted so that the pin can be removed from the top.

What kind of hinge swings both ways?

Double action spring door hinges, also known as double-acting hinges or saloon door hinges, swing open in both directions and are fully self-closing.

What are the strongest hinges?

If you’re looking for door hinges for a heavy or frequently used door, mortise hinges make a stronger and more reliable choice. Mortise hinges are more popular among exterior doors, as are mortise locks.

What did they use before hinges?

While many metal hinges remain from periods dating back 5500 years, there is also evidence from later cultures that wood and stone were used to produce them, it follows that some of these ancient Mesopotamian cultures may have been producing them prior to the Bronze Age.

Did the Romans have hinges?

2. Did Roman doors have hinges? Yes, they had the butterfly hinges as we know them but more common was the cardo. This type of Roman hinge was a dowel added to (or built into) one side of the door.

Who invented the first hinge?

Justin McLeod, CEO and founder of Hinge. Twitter At the end of 2012, the dating startup Hinge was running on fumes. It had only $32,000 left in the bank. Justin McLeod, Hinge’s founder and CEO, raised $100,000 a few months prior, but only a few thousand people were using the service.

Can you use door hinges on a gate?

Pintle hinges can be used on gates that you want to swing both ways (or gates that you want to swing only one way). This type of hinge can hold a lot of weight for its size. They are also good when you are mounting the gate to a masonry wall.

How long should a gate hinge be?

A rule of thumb for most gate hinges (Tee hinges excepted) is that the hinge length should be one third of the width of the gate or door it is fitted to for normal domestic use; so a 900mm (3ft wide or therabouts) wide gate would be fine with a 300mm (12″) hinge.

Should doors have 2 or 3 hinges?

The general rule used to determine the number of hinges is: Every door should be provided with at least one hinge for every 30 inches in height or portion thereof; however, more hinges may be required per chart below. For example, a 90″ door needs three hinges and a 91″ door needs four.

What are invisible door hinges?

Hidden door hinges, also known as concealed hinges or invisible hinges, are aptly named because once installed and the door is in the closed position, you can’t see them.

How does a 170 degree hinge work?

This wide angle clip top hinge allows the cabinet door to open 170 degrees enabling full access to the stored contents within. The hinges are known as sprung staying open or closed as required and may be turned into soft close hinges with the addition of the optional clip on soft close mechanism.

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