What is the relationship between Raymond and squeaky?

What is the relationship between Raymond and squeaky? Raymond admires Squeaky, and Squeaky is fiercely protective and proud of Raymond. Sometimes I slip and say my little brother Raymond. But as any fool can see he’s much bigger and he’s older too. But a lot of people call him my little brother cause he needs looking after cause he’s not quite right.

How does Raymond feel about squeaky? In “Raymond’s Run,” how does Squeaky feel about Raymond? She feels protective of him. In “Raymond’s Run,” why does Squeaky keep Raymond near the sides of the city buildings? He sometimes runs into the street.

Why is squeaky responsible for Raymond? Due to Raymond’s developmental disabilities he needs constant care to keep him safe and out of trouble. Squeaky takes this responsibility very seriously so that her mother can concentrate on caring for the family home. Raymond tags along with Squeaky wherever she goes in their Harlem neighborhood.

Is Raymond Squeaky’s brother? Raymond is Squeaky’s older brother, but she calls him her little brother sometimes because of his mental age. Her role in the family is to take care of Raymond.

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Why does squeaky like Gretchen?

Expert Answers

Squeaky and Gretchen smile at each other after the race because they now respect each other. Before the race, both think little of the other. For example, Squeaky initially thinks Gretchen is vain and arrogant.

Why does squeaky change her impression of Gretchen at the end of the story?

Expert Answers

By the end of “Raymond’s Run,” Squeaky certainly changes her attitudes as she begins to see Raymond as a person in his own right, and she realizes that others, such as Gretchen, are not necessarily antagonistic toward her.

What is the conflict between Gretchen and squeaky?

The conflict between Gretchen and Squeaky is that they both want to win the race. Winning is very important to Squeaky. She has a complicated life because she has to spend most of her time looking after her brother, Raymond, who is older than her but has a younger mental age.

What is one problem squeaky has in caring for Raymond?

Expert Answers

Raymond suffers from cognitive disabilities, and this makes him vulnerable to being ridiculed by others. However, his sister, Squeaky, wouldn’t let anybody taunt him or cause him any harm. Though younger than Raymond, she will always be with him, protecting him and looking after him.

Why is squeaky so focused on winning?

Expert Answers

Since being a kid in kindergarten, Squeaky has never lost any race. Her reputation is of an invincible runner. To her, running is not a past time activity but a strong passion. She is always either running or doing something to improve further her athletic skills.

What is wrong with Squeaky’s brother?

In “Raymond’s Run” by Toni Cade Bambara, many people think Raymond is Squeaky’s little brother even though he is bigger and definitely older than she is. The reason for this is Raymond has a condition called hydrocephalus which means he has fluid around his brain, giving him an enlarged head.

What is wrong with Raymond in Raymond’s Run?

Raymond is Squeaky’s mentally challenged, intellectually disabled older brother, who acts much younger than his age suggests. Squeaky never elaborates on Raymond’s intellectual disability, but one can surmise that he is intellectually deficient given his odd, immature behavior.

How does seeing her brother run impact squeaky?

How does seeing her brother run impact Squeaky? A. It reminds her that running is supposed to be fun.

What does squeaky realize after her race?

What does Squeaky realize after the race? Gretchen is a better runner that she is. She is even more committed to beating her father. Taking care of Raymond is her most important job.

How did Gretchen respond to squeaky smile?

How does Squeaky respond? Gretchen challenges Squeaky by “putting out on the tale that she is going to win the first place medal this year.” Squeaky says that the idea of Gretchen winning is “Ridiculous,” and “she’s got short legs” and “she’s got freckles.” These are not valid reasons why Gretchen would lose the race.

What happens when squeaky meets Gretchen and her friends on the street?

What happens when Squeaky meets Gretchen and her friends on the street? A Squeaky tries to have a conversation, but Raymond interrupts her. B The girls are being nice, but Squeaky misunderstands them and fights them.

How was squeaky feeling at the beginning of the story?

At the beginning of the story, Squeaky comes across as a strong, no-nonsense kind of girl. She is able to fend for herself and also takes care of her older brother, Raymond, who is mentally challenged.

Who is faster than squeaky?

who is the only one who knows other than Squeaky that someone who is faster than her? And who is faster than her? Gretchen,Rosie, and Mary Louise.

How does the race change what is important to squeaky?

During the race, Squeaky sees something that changes her perspective on what is important. She is completely focused on the race, mentally and physically. She has found a new purpose in life and it does not even matter to her if she lost the race.

What is squeaky proud of in Raymond’s Run?

Squeaky is proud of her ability to stand up for brother, even though it is sometimes difficult. Raymond is Squeaky’s older brother, but she calls him her little brother sometimes because of his mental age. Her role in the family is to take care of Raymond.

Who is squeaky’s biggest rival?

Squeaky’s biggest rival in the short story “Raymond’s Run” is Gretchen. Gretchen is the new girl in town, with a favorable reputation as being one of the fastest girls around. Gretchen is depicted as a quiet, respectful girl; she does not hold a grudge against Squeaky but is competitive during the May Day races.

Why does squeaky feel the maypole dance is a waste of time?

Squeaky thinks that May Pole dancing is a waste of time because for the dance she would have to buy a “white organdy dress with a big sash” and “white baby doll shoes,” items that she’d probably wear only once in her lifetime, hence a waste of her money.

What does squeaky really want?

Squeaky likes to be a winner and who can blame her. She wants to beat everyone in the big race because she works hard to be the most fastest runner around. She wants to be the best and gets a little mad at a girl in the story.

Is squeaky competitive?

Squeaky is a dynamic, or changing, character because she matures through the course of the story “Raymond’s Run.” At the beginning of the story, she is relentlessly competitive and mainly thinks about winning.

Why does squeaky feel like she disappointed her mother?

When she describes the May Pole dancing, the reader can also tell that Squeaky feels that she has disappointed her mother by not acting more like a girl. Squeaky is frustrated by her mother’s efforts to make her into something she is not. Running is something she is passionate about.

What is the moral of Raymond’s Run?

The moral of the story is accepting yourself for who you are, as well as accepting others for who they are. Squeaky sees a new side to both Raymond and Gretchen in the end.

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