What products are UL listed?

What products are UL listed? UL markers are most commonly seen on industrial equipment and home appliances. These include furnaces, fuses, electrical panels, circuit breakers, smoke and CO2 alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, glass, and thousands of other products.

Do products have to be UL listed? There are no laws specifying that a UL Mark must be used.

However, in the United States there are many municipalities that have laws, codes or regulations which require a product to be tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory before it can be sold in their area.

What does UL mean on a product? Underwriters’ Laboratories, or UL as it is universally known, tests and evaluates components and products that allows a certification mark to be placed by the manufacturer.

What are UL requirements? The UL Listed seal means that the product has been tested by UL to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Additionally, it has been found to be free from a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock in a Division 2 environment.

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How do I get a UL label?

To establish certification, a product is submitted by the manufacturer for testing and evaluation. If UL decides the product fulfills all applicable requirements, it authorizes the manufacturer to apply a UL Certification Mark to the product or component.

What is the difference between UL listed and recognized?

UL Recognized products carry the following mark The UL Recognized Component Mark means that the product has been tested as a component. UL Listed is the more stringent of the two and is recommended if the device is installed directly in a Division 2 or Zone 2 hazardous area.

What is a UL CCN number?

Classification and Categories of UL Standards

UL-certified products are assigned a CCN (Category Control Number) according to the product category. A CCN, in principle, consists of four letters and a one-digit number.

What does UL listed lighting mean?

This marking, known as a UL listing, means the product has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories for fire safety and electrical safety. A UL lighting fixture is labeled to indicate the product has passed the specific safety requirements necessary to be used by consumers in their homes and in places of business.

How much does it cost to get UL listed?

5. How much does it cost to get a product UL certified? The fee, paid to UL, is often in the range between US$5,000 to 15,000.

Which is better CE or UL?

The CE mark serves much the same purpose as the UL mark, but for the European Union. Many products will bear both marks, indicating their suitability in either market. While both certifications offer a similar standard of quality and safety, the CE mark is required for certain types of equipment to be sold in Europe.

Is ETL better than UL?

Aside from the body that issues the listing, there is absolutely no difference between a UL listing and an ETL listing. Because Intertek ETL tests products to previously published UL Standards for Safety, products marked as ETL Listed meet exactly the same criteria as those marked UL Listed or UL Recognized.

What is the UL symbol?

UL is a global leader in testing, inspection, certification, auditing and validation. The UL Mark is the single most accepted Certification Mark in the United States, appearing on 22 billion products annually.

What does UL unit stand for?

A microliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1,000,000th of a liter (one-millionth). A microliter is one cubic millimeter. The symbol for microliter is μl or μL.

What is a UL code?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, an organization that has been around for more than 100 years. UL sets standards for different product categories and tests products to make sure they meet the standards. In this way, UL is similar to the CE marking organization.

Is UL required in USA?

Is the UL mark required by law? No, there is no law which makes UL certification mandatory. All electrically controlled devices or systems in the USA must be approved. The legal basis for this is constituted by regulations such as those of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA Article 29 CFR 1910.

Where can I read UL standards?

Answer: By visiting our UL Standards site, you will be able to view over 1400 UL Standards. Start with this link https://standardscatalog.ul.com/ and follow the screenshots below: If you are searching for a certain standard insert the number in the search box.

What is a UL sticker?

UL stands for Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., and the UL certification process is required for many different products that are sold in the United States. The UL sticker provides consumers with a guarantee that their product has been tested and approved by UL’s team of technicians.

How do I find my UL file number?

Any “UL File Number” can be retrieved on the base of an UL account which grants access to UL’s database. The data base sheet (formerly called “Yellow card”) of a concrete “UL File Number” present by the UL’s data base holds the information about the manufacturer, the product, and the fulfilled UL standards.

What UL 969?

Sometimes referred to as ANSI 969, UL 969 is the standard for labels and markings. Items produced under this standard are pre-qualified and tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for durability. Specifically, UL 969 is the standard for marking and labeling systems used for permanent product identification.

What does C UL US Listed mean?

The optional C-UL-US mark indicates compliance with both Canadian and U.S. requirements. UL encourages those manufacturers with products certified for both countries to use this combined mark, but they may continue using separate UL marks for the United States and Canada.

What is the difference between UL and CE certification?

The letters CE means that the product meets the European Union’s safety standards and other requirements for sale. UL means the product meets the standards of Underwriters Laboratories, a private safety testing organization, and FCC means the product meets the standards of the Federal Communications Commission.

What are UL standards used for?

UL Standards are used to assess products; test components, materials, systems and performance; and evaluate environmentally sustainable products, renewable energies, food and water products, recycling systems and other innovative technologies.

Does Canada accept UL certification?

The ULC Mark is issued by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, a member of the UL family of companies. This mark is nationally recognized in Canada for many types of products, including building materials and fire protection and suppression products.

Do LED lights need to be UL listed?

Lighting systems operating at 30 volts or less shall comply with 411.3(A) or 411.3(B). In other words, LED strip lights must be listed (UL/ETL or otherwise) as a part of a listed lighting system (e.g. LED strip lighting kit), or listed separately as one of the components of an assembled system.

Does UL mean LED?

When an LED lighting product is submitted for UL testing, it is assessed for any public safety risks, including the risk of overheating, electric shock and fire. Energy Focus LED lighting products have gone through this testing process to make sure our LED lighting exceeds the highest safety standards.

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