Why does squeaky believe that Raymond could be a champion runner?

Why does squeaky believe that Raymond could be a champion runner? Taking care of her brother Raymond changes Squeaky because she dont want anyone to hurt his feelings. Squeaky likes to be a winner and who can blame her. She wants to beat everyone in the big race because she works hard to be the most fastest runner around.

Why does squeaky decide to coach Raymond? Not only does she decide that she can coach Raymond, she realizes with more work she can be a better student, and with more compassion she can be a friend to the other girls. At her young age, Squeaky has an epiphany; she has more potential than merely being a good runner.

Why does squeaky watch Raymond instead of George? Squeaky has only one responsibility: she is in charge of keeping an eye on her brother Raymond who is disabled. Her brother George originally had the job, but he failed to watch Raymond closely enough, so the job was given to Squeaky.

What does squeaky realize about Raymond after her race? Squeaky changed by realizing that Raymond is a fine runner and want to coach him. And at the end of the race Gretchen and squeaky smiles at each other with respect. (grows as peron, mature as a individual.)

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What events caused squeaky to think that Raymond would make a very fine runner?

And it occurs to me, watching how smoothly he climbs hand over hand and remembering how he looked running with his arms down to his side and with the wind pulling his mouth back and his teeth showing and all, it occurred to me that Raymond would make a very fine runner.

What is the conflict between Gretchen and squeaky?

The conflict between Gretchen and Squeaky is that they both want to win the race. Winning is very important to Squeaky. She has a complicated life because she has to spend most of her time looking after her brother, Raymond, who is older than her but has a younger mental age.

How did Raymond make squeaky a better person?

During the race she becomes aware of Raymond’s own race. She sees him running outside the fence. Winning the race makes Squeaky a different person.

Why does squeaky get upset when Mary Louise talks to Raymond?

Why does Squeaky get upset when Mary Louise talks to Raymond? Squeaky is jealous of her. Squeaky does not want her to make fun of Raymond. Mary Louise speaks too loudly.

Why does squeaky not like Cynthia?

She does not appreciate it when people like Cynthia Procter pretend that something comes easy to them when they in fact had to work hard at it too. Squeaky uses Cynthia’s practicing the piano as an example. She sees Cynthia practicing, so she knows she spends hours at it.

What does squeaky realize after her race she would like to help Raymond become a better runner she wants to be a better role model to Raymond She doesn’t want to participate in races anymore she and Raymond aren’t as different?

Squeaky wins the race and realizes Gretchen is not a bad person. Squeaky realizes Raymond’s potential as a runner and decides to coach her brother Raymond.

What does squeaky do after the race?

Squeaky decides to become Raymond’s track coach. After the race in “Raymond’s Run,” Squeaky and Gretchen smile at each other.

Why is the smile that Gretchen and squeaky share at the end of the story not quite real?

Q. Why is the smile that Gretchen and Squeaky share at the end of the story not quite “real”? The two girls think they are supposed to be smiling because it is a May Day Race. The two girls don’t know how to be nice to each other because of their wasted time on other expectations.

Why does squeaky change her impression of Gretchen at the end of the story?

Expert Answers

By the end of “Raymond’s Run,” Squeaky certainly changes her attitudes as she begins to see Raymond as a person in his own right, and she realizes that others, such as Gretchen, are not necessarily antagonistic toward her.

What is squeaky most proud of?

Squeaky is proud of her ability to stand up for brother, even though it is sometimes difficult. Raymond is Squeaky’s older brother, but she calls him her little brother sometimes because of his mental age. Her role in the family is to take care of Raymond.

Why does squeaky want to win the race so badly?

Expert Answers

Since being a kid in kindergarten, Squeaky has never lost any race. Her reputation is of an invincible runner. To her, running is not a past time activity but a strong passion.

How does squeaky change from the beginning to the end of the story?

In the beginning of her story, the first-person narrator Squeaky, tells about herself and her goals; however, at the end of the narrative, Squeaky acquires a new focus: her brother Raymond and his own potential as a runner. Squeaky’s altered focus brings her new maturity.

Who is squeaky’s biggest rival?

Squeaky’s biggest rival in the short story “Raymond’s Run” is Gretchen. Gretchen is the new girl in town, with a favorable reputation as being one of the fastest girls around. Gretchen is depicted as a quiet, respectful girl; she does not hold a grudge against Squeaky but is competitive during the May Day races.

Why doesn’t squeaky believe Gretchen can win the race?

Gretchen challenges Squeaky by “putting out on the tale that she is going to win the first place medal this year.” Squeaky says that the idea of Gretchen winning is “Ridiculous,” and “she’s got short legs” and “she’s got freckles.” These are not valid reasons why Gretchen would lose the race.

What is the most important conflict in Raymond’s Run?

The main conflict in Raymond’s Run is Squeaky’s confrontation with a new girl who has come to her school. This new girl is supposedly just as fast a runner as Squeaky is and offers her some real competition.

Where does squeaky get her nickname?

In Toni Cade Bambara’s short story “Raymond’s Run,” the main character is initially identified as Squeaky. She receives this nickname from people in her neighborhood because she has a high pitched voice. Although she is small in stature with a distinctive voice, she is tough as nails.

Who is faster than squeaky?

who is the only one who knows other than Squeaky that someone who is faster than her? And who is faster than her? Gretchen,Rosie, and Mary Louise.

How was squeaky feeling at the beginning of the story?

At the beginning of the story, Squeaky comes across as a strong, no-nonsense kind of girl. She is able to fend for herself and also takes care of her older brother, Raymond, who is mentally challenged.

What happens when squeaky meets Gretchen and her friends on the street?

What happens when Squeaky meets Gretchen and her friends on the street? A Squeaky tries to have a conversation, but Raymond interrupts her. B The girls are being nice, but Squeaky misunderstands them and fights them.

Why does squeaky feel like she disappointed her mother?

When she describes the May Pole dancing, the reader can also tell that Squeaky feels that she has disappointed her mother by not acting more like a girl. Squeaky is frustrated by her mother’s efforts to make her into something she is not. Running is something she is passionate about.

How does squeaky feel about her brother?

Q. How does Squeaky feel about her brother Raymond? Squeaky loves him. He embarrasses her.

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